Building Overview

International Village is located in the southwestern corner of the campus, across the train tracks, on the corner of Tremont and Ruggles streets.

IV highlighted map
(Original map:

The building is primarily composed of three towers: East, North, and West. The East Tower is tallest, at 22 stories. The West tower follows closely behind, at 19 stories, and the North tower is a modest 9 stories. On floors 1-9, the three towers are interconnected in somewhat of a “U” shape, but from floor 10 and up, the East and West towers stand separately (the North tower is no longer there to connect them). The first-year Honors living-learning community is housed on floors 2-9 in all three towers. The upper floors are used for general upperclassman housing.

The building's upper floors provide some stunning views of the surrounding area.
The building’s upper floors provide some stunning views of the surrounding area.

Being located across the train tracks, IV is somewhat secluded from the rest of campus. It is typically accessed by walking through the Ruggles T stop, which connects Forsyth Street and Columbus Avenue. Walking out of Ruggles, you are greeted by this view of the building from the East side:

[view from Ruggles with towers labeled]

Occasionally you will access the building by walking down Ruggles Street (say, from the West Village area of campus), in which case you will be greeted by this view. The West entrance is ahead, at the base of the corresponding tower.

Ruggles street

Just inside the East entrance, the dining hall entrance is on the left. The dining hall occupies most of the first floor of the building. More on that later.

Dining hall entrance

Continuing through the East entryway, the East tower proctor station is on the left. All University-owned residence halls have 24/7 proctor coverage, and only residents are granted access to their buildings (with the exception of guests they bring along).

[East proctor station]

Beyond the proctor station is the East tower elevator bank. The stairs in the East tower do not lead to the first floor (except through an emergency exit), so you must take the elevator. The East tower also has a small lounge area beyond the proctor station, next to student mailboxes.

You can also walk across the lobby (back outside the proctor station) to the West side. The West tower has its own proctor station just inside the West entrance seen from Ruggles Street.

[West proctor station]

The West tower stairs do lead to the ground floor, and elevators are available too. The West tower also has a larger lounge area and student mailboxes beyond the proctor station.

The public lobby can be seen from the second floor. Looking West:



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