Dining Hall

The dining hall is one of the few parts of the building accessible to the public, and it is one of the three dining halls on campus. International Village Dining is very environmentally friendly, being a certified LEED Gold establishment.

The dining hall is accessible from the West entryway.

Dining hall entrance

Past the swipe station (yes, entry will cost you a meal swipe) is the deli and Zone 7. The deli features daily specials and Zone 7 serves allergen-free food.

Rounding the corner and walking down the ramp leads to the main dining room. IV is by far the largest dining hall on campus and has a lot of space to move about and sit down to eat. Of the three, IV also features the greatest variety of food selections:

  • deli
  • allergen free (Zone 7)
  • salad bar
  • kosher
  • grill (hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken)
  • pizza
  • pasta
  • omelets (served all day)
  • vegan/vegetarian
  • sushi

At the far end to the left is the entree station, where the main course changes for each meal period. At the end to the right is a self-serve area with cereal, bread products, waffles, and soft-serve ice cream. The drink station is at the end in the center.

At the end of the serving area and to the left is the main eating area. There are many long tables available, but they still fill up during peak eating periods. There is also a coffee/tea station off to the side.

Omelet station
Omelets are served all day.
The self-serve area sits behind the vegan/vegetarian station.
The available entree changes frequently. The drink station is located beyond the serving area before the eating area.

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