Second Floor Amenities

A few are housed on the second floor, but it is mostly home to many student services. IV’s largest laundry room is located here. If it’s too busy, you can also try the laundry rooms in 14 West and 22 East.

[2nd floor laundry]

The second floor also has some modest study spaces.

[study spaces]

The most popular feature of the second floor has to be the workout area, featuring at least a dozen treadmills, elliptical and rowing machines, and more. You won’t, however, find any free weights. You have to go to the Marino Center (main campus gym) for that.

[photos of workout area]

Outside the building, on the roof of the dining hall, you will find the famous Bamboo Garden (don’t take the “bamboo” part too seriously; it’s mostly just some free space). The Bamboo Garden is surrounded by the three towers (and the mysterious administration building on the south side), and the skylights look directly down into various parts of the dining hall.

Bamboo Garden

The view of the Bamboo Garden from my 3rd floor West room.



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